Simple, fun & beautiful.
Track your shows.

The central place for your shows

With CouchTimes, you can't only keep track of the shows you are currently watching. You can also see your whole history and your favorites. Finding good recommendations for your friends was never easier.

Less is More

CouchTimes focuses on TV shows only. It gives you a simple and beautiful way to keep track of your watch statuses and get out of the way.

Dark / Light Mode

CouchTimes looks beautiful in every circumstance. It supports the default dark and light mode settings from iOS and optimizes for the way you like the most.

iCloud Sync

Sync your shows with iCloud fast and reliable across your iOS devices. Wherever you are, you'll always have access to your library of shows.

Private by Design

While we get our show data from, CouchTimes itself has zero trackers and does not collect or share any of your information. Your library stays on your devices and only gets synced with your personal iCloud.


iOS made Widgets a hot topic in 2020. CouchTimes offers a beautiful suit of different widgets to use, so you can get a quick overview right from your homescreen.